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Production of video, audio and creation of print ads
3rd Floor Media


With your input, we can create and produce winning radio and TV commercials for your business, product or service. We work with you to highlight the best aspects of what you are selling and put it into a compelling memorable message. Our production studio is equipped to produce and deliver your spot to radio and television stations on time and within budget.


With over thirty years of experience in broadcasting, we can help you create a commercial message that stands out over all others. You tell us the message you would like to convey and we will write copy in a creative way to fit into a ten, fifteen, thirty or sixty second spot. Your message will be clear, concise and more importantly will get you results.


You know the tune you heard that sticks in your head? You repeatedly sing it in your memory and sometimes out loud? Maybe it was one of your favorite songs you heard on the radio or a jingle extolling the virtues of a product or service you need. How would you like to have customers and potential clients singing about your business that way? Research has proven that facts are more easily remembered when set to music. Children have learned the basics of mathematics and other disciplines with study programs to which they can sing along.  

Let 3FM produce a custom jingle for your product or service.  Just like your favorite hit song, a custom hit jingle from 3rd Floor Media is the message that is retained for a lifetime.


More recenlty we've had clients who prefer to disseminate their messages through newspapers and billboards.  3rd Floor Media has the contacts and the expertise to help make that a reality.  The creation of the ads are just another feature we offer as part of our production services.

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